The state of New Jersey has a ton of nice shore towns and it is very hard to decide which beach town is the best to live in. Wallet Hub recently created a list of the "2021's Best Beach Towns to Live in" and Ocean City was named one of the best in the whole country.

Just in case you are not aware, there are about 44 beaches in the state of New Jersey and only 3 New Jersey beach towns made the list of 145 "2021's Best Beach Towns to Live in."

Ocean City took the 99th spot overall on the "2021's Best Beach Towns to Live in" list. Ventnor City landed in the 129th spot and Asbury Park took the 132nd spot.

We learned that "WalletHub compared 191 cities across 62 key indicators of livability.” There were multiple categories that helped get the list of "2021's Best Beach Towns to Live in."

Those categories included Affordability, Weather, Safety, Economy, Education & Health, and Quality of Life.

According to Wallet Hub, these are the spots that Ocean City, NJ took in those categories.

  • Affordability - 90th spot. That is not too bad knowing that the Garden State is pretty expensive.
  • Weather - 111th spot. New Jersey weather can change within minutes, it's insane.
  • Safety - 100th spot. That something we can work with.
  • Economy - 52nd spot. Shows that money is flowing well in Ocean City.
  • Education & Health - 142nd spot. Out of 145 best beach towns that is still good.
  • Quality of Life - 24th spot. Sounds like the Ocean City life is one of the best ones.

Ocean City may be a dry town and people may call it boring because alcohol is not allowed but it is still one of the best beach towns in the whole country.

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