Viral video star Mary Halsey finally got a chance to perform her "go-to" karaoke song, "Work It," with Missy Elliott. Halsey, who catapulted to internet stardom last month when a clip of her performing the song at a local karaoke event went viral, appeared on Ellen on Thursday (Sept. 13).

After discussing her newfound fame and how she discovered the song, Ellen asked Halsey if she could perform the song live. Carrying the shofar that she was seen holding in the viral video, Halsey began performing the song and was then joined on stage by Missy.

Following the surprise performance, Missy commended Halsey for knowing all of the lyrics to the song. "She know all the words, and I forget my own words," the "Get It" rapper said. "It's amazing."

According to Halsey, she's been performing "Work It" at karaoke events for 15 years and was inspired to learn the lyrics of the song in 2003. "I learned; and I read the words; and I studied it and the reaction that I got was so positive that it became my go-to song," she revealed. "Everybody wants to hear it."

After the show, Missy and Halsey hung out backstage, and the MC called the woman her "funky White sister" and "1 of the sweetest people I've ever met."

In related news, Missy recently reunited with Fatman Scoop and Ciara for a remix of Ciara's "Level Up." The track arrived more than 10 years after the three linked up to drop their hit song "Lose Control."

Check out Missy and Halsey performing the song and their backstage hang session below.

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