So apparently, these cups for the New England Patriots were spotted at a Dunkin' Donuts in University City (Philly) earlier this week.

This comes just two weeks after Eagles cups were mistakenly served in New England.

Of course, I need to hit up this Dunkin'up because I'm from Boston and I'm a Patriots fan. Don't hate me for writing that because I don't agree with this.

Not a good look Dunkin', you can't just send out Dunkin' Donuts Patriots logo cups in Philadelphia Eagles territory (or is it part of their ingenious marking scheme, you know to get people to get riled up and troll on social media for publicity). Hmmm ...

I get it, I get it ... the boxes with the cups were probably marked Super Bowl Champions and since the Patriots always win ... there was a honest mix-up, right? Ha!

Okay, let me stop before everyone gets mad at me!

I just love a good sports trash talk (especially since Boston always wins at everything) ... okay, that's the last one I promise! :)


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