If you thought you'd get a better chance of scoring reasonably priced tickets to Hamilton as it tours to our own city of Philadelphia, think again. You might need to take out a loan or sell your body parts, but it's definitley worth it to see Hamilton.

The production will hit the Kimmel Center in Center City from August 27th to November 19th of 2019. The tickets are currently going for over $600 dollars a piece on StubHub. 

Ironically, it's cheaper right now to get tickets for a more recent Hamilton showing at the Richard Rodgers theater in New York City. It's definitley still pricey, but the tickets for upcoming shows are around $300-$400 on StubHub.

The price of Hamilton tickets will hopefully decrease when the Kimmel Center releases tickets for the general public. The only tickets that have been sold so far were exclusive to members of the 2019 Philadelphia Theater subscription. Tickets sold to those subscribed to this program are no longer available, which explains the current outrageous cost of a ticket sold on third party ticketing sites.  Stay updated on The Kimmel Center's website as they announce when tickets are available to the general public.

The Broadway musical, which surrounds the life of one of the country's founding father's, Alexander Hamilton has been wildly successful. The play has won eleven Tony awards as well as the Pulitzer Prize For Drama in 2016. With it's catchy hip hop numbers, impressive choreography, and engaging story line, you won't want to miss it. Start saving up now!



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