The Princeton/West Windsor location of the popular Lambertville bbq restaurant, More Than Q, will hopefully be open by the end of June, just in time for all your 4th of July bbq needs, according to Community News.

Before even seeing this article, I've noticed lately, while waiting in line to get into Trader Joes, that the new space is starting to liven up. The lights are on, and there are definitely signs that it may be opening soon, so I did a little digging, and it's true. The restaurant's Instagram page gave a clue that they're hoping to do a soft opening in a few weeks.

Township permit holdups were delaying the grand opening earlier in the spring, and then came coronovirus, so we're still anxiously awaiting the opening.

I spoke with John Procaccini, of Gretalia Hospitality Group, owner of many of my favorite amazing restaurants in the area (PJ's Pancake House, Osteria Procaccini, Trattoria Procaccini), and now partners with Matt Martin in More Than Q, and he couldn't be more excited to get the new location open. "Gretalia always wanted to do bbq and looked for the best to partner with. Matt Martin is a great guy and master of his trade. We're going to do big things together," Procaccini said. He hinted at yet another location in Skillman in the future.

I've never been to the original location in Lambertville, but, I've heard nothing but fabulous reviews, so I'm excited for the Princeton/West Windsor location to start taking customers. I'm assuming it's going to be takeout, curbside, or delivery to start, as there's no indoor dining permitted yet in New Jersey, although, outdoor dining will be allowed beginning June 15th.

I can't wait. See you on the patio.

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