Every year, Money Magazine releases a list of the 50 Best Places to Live in the country. The Philly Voice reports that Mount Laurel  New Jersey made the top 20. To be exact, Mount Laurel was number 16 on the list and it's something to be a proud of. There are many factors that Money Magazine takes into consideration for the towns that are on this list such as median household income, median house prices, population and unemployment rate just to name a few. The average house in Mount Laurel costs $214,000 and the average household income is $101,000. Money Magazine reports, that there is a lot to do in Mount Laurel and the location is awesome because it's a short drive to the shore and Philadelphia. Only one other town in New Jersey made this list, but it's not in South Jersey, it's Bridgewater, which is in Somerset County. So, it's awesome to have a town make this list so close by.

I grew up living in Middlesex Borough that is located in Middlesex County. When I moved out of my Dad's house, my husband and I got our first apartment in South Brunswick. We got engaged, got married and started looking for a house. We settled in Mercer County only a year ago and we love it. We live in the most beautiful area and we like exploring other towns near us too. We had our wedding anniversary dinner at Carlucci's Waterfront in Mount Laurel and it was beautiful. We definitely plan on exploring it more.  can totally understand why Mount Laurel earned the 16th spot on Money magazine's 50 Best Places to Live.

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