Another clothing retailer is getting ready to downsize in South Jersey.

Gabe's, a national discount chain known for selling brand-name apparel and housewares, is getting ready to close two of its South Jersey locations in Cherry Hill and Mount Laurel.

Both the Cherry Hill location at 2232 Route 70 and the Mount Laurel location at 1160 Nixon Drive will close their doors for good on August 12, displacing over 50 employees according to the Courier Post.

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According to the WARN notices, the displaced employees will be given a week's severance for each full year employed there.

There will only be two remaining Gabe's stores in New Jersey, in Mays Landing and Vineland.

Gabe's in Mays Landing, NJ
Gabe's in Mays Landing, NJ

Only time will tell whether or not the remaining locations will close too, but so far it looks as though they're safe for now.

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What's next for Gabe's in Cherry Hill and Mount Laurel?

There hasn't been any mention about what's next for the soon-to-be-empty retail space, so we can't do much more than speculate.

In the case of the Mount Laurel location, it could be possible that Macy's might look to open a small-scale retail space, similarly to how one is opening in Cherry Hill, in the former Bed Bath & Beyond. (The Gabe's Cherry Hill is pretty much adjacent to this one.)

Credit: Austyn
Credit: Austyn

But at this point, it's anyone's guess!

What do you think should replace the closing Gabe's locations?

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