Two of the area's biggest movie theatre chains will both be reducing auditorium sizes to allow for "social distancing" during the Coronavirus outbreak.

In a press release, AMC Theatres stated...

"Beginning tomorrow Saturday, March 14 and continuing until April 30, 2020, AMC will cut in half the seating capacity of every one of its theatre’s auditoriums. It will do so by capping ticket sales for each showtime in each of its theatre’s auditoriums to an amount equal to 50% of the normal seating capacity. In those auditoriums with more than 500 seats, AMC will further cap ticket sales to a maximum of 250 in any case."

According to, Regal Cinemas has announced a similar plan.

AMC's local theatres include Hamilton, Marketfair in Princeton, Neshaminy Mall, and Cherry Hill.

Regal's local cinemas include Independence Plaza in Hamilton, Oxford Valley Mall, Burlington, NJ, and Moorestown Mall.


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