What's old is about to become new again in Wildwood as the shore town's iconic Sea Theater undergoes extensive renovation.

The building, located at 4005 Pacific Avenue in Wildwood (between E. Spencer Ave. and E. Youngs Ave.), is over 100 years old.

Sea Theater's humble beginnings were in the 1910s as a nickelodeon, before being converted to a store, and eventually a place to watch movies, according to cinematreasures.org.

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OMG, could you imagine Wildwood back in the early 1900s and what it would have been like hanging at a REAL nickelodeon to catch the latest silent film?!

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Well, Sea Theater's been closed for, like, a decade now, but it's apparently getting a new lease on life!

In a fresh photo, we found on Wildwood Boardwalk on Facebook, there's new activity happening at Sea Theater. Undergoing construction and renovation, it looks like it's going to reopen as Old Movies by the Sea!

Wildwood Boardwalk/Facebook
Wildwood Boardwalk/Facebook

Now, we can look at the name of the theater in two ways: It's "the" OLD movies by the sea, or it's going to SHOW "old movies" by the sea. Lol.

Either way, we're definitely going to be keeping a close eye on Sea Theater as it transitions to Old Movies by the Sea.

Perhaps the new owners were inspired by the retro vibes you can currently find at places like Ventnor Square Theatre and Tilton Square Theatre in Northfield. Who doesn't love a vintage-looking movie house to bring on those Old Hollywood feels?

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