I told you earlier this winter that everyone's favorite Scottish Nanny is flying into Philadelphia this February and the big moment is finally almost here!

Mrs. Doubtfire will open at the Academy of Music for a two-week engagement starting Tuesday (February 6) and it runs through February 18. It's all a part of the
23-24 Broadway Series.

I have never seen the show, so I was really curious (and dare I say even a little worried) that my absolute favorite movie may be ruined but a musical version. Nobody could replace Robin Williams, right?

Ensemble Arts Philadelphia
Ensemble Arts Philadelphia

My mind was put at ease when I chatted with Alex Ringler on the phone this week.

Alex is in the cast of the show (who's currently traveling the country), and he assured me that the musical version only enhances our fond memories of the show.


In fact, Philly's own Rob McClure who stars as Mrs. Doubtfire puts his own spin on the role. "It's kinda like Mrs. Doubtfire re-imagined," Ringler said. "It's a perfect balance of the Mrs. Doubtfire we all love with Rob's unique take."

Joan Marcus, Academy of Music
Joan Marcus, Academy of Music

So it's no wonder why audiences across the country have been laughing at loud when they see the show.

In fact, Rob's real-life wife Maggie Lakis, plays Miranda Hillard in the show so the chemistry is insane on stage. You can click here for ticket info and more.

As for Alex, he's a bit of a local guy. He is a graduate of the University of the Arts so this two-week engagement marks a bit of a homecoming.

He didn't give any spoilers, but he says the musical number right before the intermission may be his favorite part of the entire show.

Tickets are on sale now at ensembleartsphilly.org.

Welcome to Philly, Mrs. Doubtfire! Hope you enjoy your stay on Broad Street this February.

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