There's a lot going on in the world right now and sometimes I find it better if I just turn off any kind of news channel. I know news reporters are supposed to keep you updated on everything going on in major cities, but sometimes not all those news stories are happy ones. I am in the media field myself and even sometimes I catch myself making a sad face at some things I see on tv and the internet. It makes me smile when I see the good news, and with that being said, here's something wonderful happening in Mt. Laurel.

I love animals, especially dogs, I have a one year old puppy, her name is Stella and she is the most precious angel and we adore her. Something even cuter than a dog, is a police dog. I mean, check out these ones from Australia.

These dogs go through extensive training from when they are tiny pups and they grow up to become police dogs who sniff out drugs, bombs, suspects and even locate missing children. The Mount Laurel Police Department just added two dogs to their police force and they are adorable.

The Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, who helped Mount Laurel Police raise the money to get the dogs, posted the exciting news on their Facebook page.

Their names are Drake and Meeko and as you can see in the post above, will have different responsibilities on the force. These K9 dogs will join two others already on the force according to this article on Newswire. These pups were welcomed with open arms and we hope they are a great addition to the Mount Laurel Police Department.

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