The state of New Jersey has a bunch of locally-owned restaurants with amazing food. Just so you know, many of the fan-favorite restaurants are right here in Mercer County.

New Jersey Monthly recently shared the list of results for the 38th Annual Jersey Choice Restaurant Poll. Eight different Mercer County restaurants made the list of fan favorites.

It was stated on New Jersey Monthly that the Garden State was split into 3 sections, North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey. See, there is a Central Jersey for those that always say that there is no such thing.

Here are the categories and restaurants that Mercer County took the top spot as fan favorite

  • Best New Restaurant - Kuo Social - Robbinsville
  • Bang for the Buck - Surf Taco - Princeton (New Jersey Monthly Has multiple locations)
  • Breakfast - PJ's Pancake House - Princeton
  • Brew Pub - Triumph - Princeton
  • Cheese Steaks - Hoagies Haven - Princeton
  • Chinese - Kuo Social - Robbinsville (Twice on the list)
  • Deli Italian Style - Dolce & Clemente's - Robbinsville
  • Seafood - Blue Point Grill - Princeton
  • Spanish / Portuguese - Malaga - Hamilton Township

On the list of 'Readers Pick Favorite NJ Restaurants of 2021,' we were also able to find that Mastoris Diner in Bordentown was a fan favorite in the Diner category.

As for the chain restaurant category, we have all 3 fan favorites here in Mercer County. On that list, you can find Cheesecake Factory, Jersey Mike’s Subs, and Shake Shack.

According to New Jersey Monthly, most of the voting took place in February when a lot of the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted for the restaurants in the state of New Jersey. 

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