It's great to see that the fun activities are coming back little by little. According to June 22nd will be a big day for the state of New Jersey as public and private pools will be able to reopen as part of the state's second phase of reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a tweet posted by Governor Murphy's account, it mentioned that procedures and protocols that the municipal and private pools will follow will be released tomorrow (June 9). This is great to keep your kids occupied with a different activity outside of the house.

If you are worried about being at a pubic pool and somehow catching the virus, reported that health experts believe that the virus can not be transmitted through pool water that has been disinfected. It's believed that the use of chlorine and bromine kills the virus, according to

It was also mentioned on that as we enter "Phase 2" of reopening, some businesses will be allowed a larger capacity and in some places, you will not be required to wear a face mask.

One thing that perhaps many businesses are looking forward to is increasing the capacity that is allowed into their establishment. It was reported by that in Phase 2 the capacity limit will be increasing.

If you can't wait to go get your hair done and start feeling like your old self again, just know that barbershops and hair salons will be reopening in Phase 2 according to

So much good news coming to us, it's so exciting.

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