Here's a mysterious case of "who dunnit."

The historic Mütter Museum in Philadelphia just received a mysterious package from an anonymous "donor" on Tuesday morning, and employees are baffled trying to figure out what it is and who sent it.

The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Two glass jars containing preserved fetuses were sent in a package with no return address to the museum. The small jars were sealed in separate Ziploc bags, according to PhillyVoice.

The mysterious jars were sent to the Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office for investigation to determine whether or not the remains are human, but Anna Dhody, the museum curator and trained forensic anthropologist says that to her, they appeared to be human. We won't know for sure until they're investigated by the examiner's office.

Who sent the package to the Mütter Museum? There's a clue.

As of Wednesday, an investigation into this bizarre case is still underway, and although the identity of the sender is still unknown, there is a clue!

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The sender included an anonymous letter which was signed "retired physician." The museum would not disclose the rest of the contents of the letter. Very mysterious.

The Mütter Museum is an historical medical library with a vast collection of biological and human artifacts and specimens, so you would think this sort of thing is right up their alley, but there are a number of strict procedures and practices that must go into place before the museum can accept medical specimens.

The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Who dunnit?

There are so many questions that need to be answered. Who sent the package? Where did the fetuses come from? What are the fetuses? How old are they? How long did the sender have them? Why give them to the Mütter Museum? Why now?

Such a bizarre case. We'll see what they can dig up!

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