Philadelphia is one of two locations in the United States to make it on National Geographic’s annual “Best Trips” list for 2020. According to, the magazine highlighted Philly’s Italian heritage, the different murals throughout the city as well as other attractions that the city has to offer.

National Geographic created 4 different categories for the best places to go on trips. The City of Brotherly Love is number 1 on the Best City list. The other places on the list that shared made it on the best cities to visit list include Telc, Czechia - Kochi, Kerala, India - Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Parma, Italy and Puebla, Mexico.

The other categories are Culture, Nature and Adventure

Philadelphia is a very historic place that may be taken for granted since we know we can drive to it at any time. Now that we know it is the best city visit why not plan a little staycation.

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