An NBC production crew were onsite filming a new television show in downtown Westfield, New Jersey. The show, Emergence, filmed their pilot episode in the Garden State down in an empty storefront according to

The official Facebook page of Downtown Westfield, NJ shared a post with their community alerting them when and where the camera crew will be setting up shop. Also an alert was sent out to residents letting them know which roads would be closed due to filming and to expect delays, according to

If you're curious about what the new show will be about, well it will fall under the category of thriller, mystery, cop drama. Deadline reported that the star of the show is Allison Tolman, who is known for her work on the series, Fargo. Tolman will play a police chief who finds a child that has no memory of what happened at the scene of a "mysterious accident." Deadline continues tease more about the show's story by revealing "the investigation draws [Tolman's character] into a conspiracy larger than she ever imagined, and the child’s identity is at the center of it all."

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