After the success of the first one, I figured more would follow. Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company has announced they're debuting their next ale with partner, Rita's Italian Ice, soon.

The Lemon Ale is the newest beverage in the Rita's Fruit Brews series. It will be available starting June 30th. The cans are so bright and fun...instantly recognizable with the Rita's font. It's inspired of course by Rita's classic Italian Ice flavor, lemon.


It won't be hard to find. The Rita's Fruit Brew Lemon Ale will be sold at all three Neshaminy Creek locations.

In Croydon you can get it in cans or on draft. In Dublin you can grab cans and in New Hope, cans are available as well.

You can buy 6-packs at local beer distributors, grocery stores and bottle shops.

Neshaminy Creek is excited for you to try it. They're hosting a release party at the Croydon taproom at noon on launch day, June 30th and you're invited. There's going to be food trucks, music, fun activities and more. Bring your friends and have some fun. It will be a great way to kick off the weekend.


The Neshaminy Creek CEO, Jenna Ball, says, "We were humbled and blown away by the positive feedback we received from existing loyal customers and new Creek fans regarding the Rita's Fruit Brews Mango Blonde Ale release this spring.. With the bar being set so high, we challenged our brewing team to experiment with different flavors and this refreshing, delicious, seasonal beer is the result of their hard work which we hope everyone enjoys time and time again."

Here's a little warning. You will  NOT be able to get the beer at Rita's locations. Haha. You have to stick to water ice, mistos, gelatis and more treats there.

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It would be so much fun to serve these at a BBQ this summer. I can't wait to get my hands on some.

Want to find the new Neshaminy Creek Rita's Fruit Series near you? It's not just in Pennsylvania. Check out the beer finder here. It's everywhere.

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