If there is one thing we know how to do in Jersey it's how to keep a party going.  Cassidy and Brian Gagliardotto had the shock of their lives during their wedding reception when everything fell apart, literally.

Just imagine, you planned for your wedding for years, and right when you start celebrating at your reception, you feel the dancefloor come out from underneath you.  That is exactly what happened to this couple at Daymark On Broadway in Barnegat Light.  

They were just three songs into the party when people felt that something wasn’t quite right.  The floor started to give way and the DJ literally evacuated the dance floor.   The guest list was up at around 200 people, and amazingly, no one got hurt!

After an experience like this, you'd think that it would be a wrap.  Well, not if you're at a Jersey Girl’s wedding!  The party just moved outside and continued without missing a beat.  

Photo Credit: Barnegat Light Volunteer Fire Company #1
Photo Credit: Barnegat Light Volunteer Fire Company #1

The responders included Barnegat Light First Aid Squad, Medics, EMS, Fire Marshall, and the Long Beach Township Police.  I’m sure that made for some interesting wedding photos!  Never a dull moment in Jersey.  We reached out to the couple to come on the Jersey Shore Morning Show with Lou and me but they are no doubt on their honeymoon right now.  When those lovebirds get back hopefully we can have them on.  See a picture of the still happy couple here.   

What was your wedding horror story?  We'll be taking your calls Monday morning at 7:00 so if you have one make sure to call us at 732- 643-0943 or message us through our free 94.3 The Point app!  We love when you guys are a part of the show!

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