Relationships are a big commitment and after being in one for a few years you start feeling a little pressure to get married. This pressure comes not only from your significant other but also from your family members and friends. I believe the guys are the ones that get the most pressure in those situations.

But the big question is, why are guys always under such big pressure to propose and get married?

If you are in a healthy relationship should you get married right away? I believe in marriage and I want to get married one day but I never seem to understand what the rush is.

I've been in a relationship for over 4 years now so I know for a fact that commitment is not what I am afraid of. As matter of fact, I am not afraid of anything when it comes to marriage. Personally, I believe men are a little more hesitant to propose because weddings are expensive and you start stressing over where all the money going to come from.

I don't blame guys for having that as an excuse to not get on a knee quite yet. It was stated on that the average wedding cost is $35,000. Where will all that money be coming from? What if we just go on a vacation instead? It would be so much cheaper.

Social media doesn't help with the wedding pressure either. The reason I say that is because you see all these other couples getting engaged and the ladies showing off the rings on their IG pages. I am sure many guys have gotten a post shared wi them by their significant other with the rings that they like. Typically, there is no answer to those DM's.  The guys will just like it. At least that’s what I do.

So the question is, how far into the relationship is the perfect time to propose? I believe we will never know because it’s different for every relationship.

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