My wedding is in 23 days, (but who's counting), and I've been growing my hair out, like most brides do, to make sure I can do an awesome up-do on my wedding day. Most brides get a nice big chop after their wedding day, but this new trend has brides butting their hair at their actual wedding reception!

Some brides can afford and want to have two dresses on their wedding day (good for them) and they'll change into their "second look" after their cocktail hour or halfway through their reception. It's a great way to wear both dresses that you absolutely love on your wedding day. Some brides may even do a different hairstyle for their reception for the same reasons. Apparently instead of changing dresses or a hairstyle for a "second look," brides are actually cutting their hair instead! This would give me a heart attack! They have their hairstylist come to the wedding, it may even be the same person who did their bridal hair, and give them a nice chop! One bride did it and kept it a secret from everyone, including the groom. Again, this would give me a heart attack!

It's creative and definitely would save you money, but this is a bridal trend that THIS bride to be (me) will not get on board with! I'll chop my hair off after my wedding!

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