Burger King has announced a new coffee subscription. Listen up, 'cause this could save you some money. You'll get one small, hot cup of coffee a day for only $5 a month, according to She Knows. Wow. Did you hear that? Only $5 a month. That's pretty good.

Think about this for a minute. One small coffee at other coffee shops could cost you $5 every single day, but, with this new deal, you'll pay $5 for the whole month, and you'll get a hot, small cup of coffee every. single. day.

A small coffee at Burker King usually costs you $1. But, if you sign up for this new subscription, you'll be paying around 17 cents a cup, if you go every day. Imagine what you could do with all your newly found cash. Cha-ching. Lol.

I have to be honest, I've never really heard anyone talk about Burger King coffee. Is it any good? It's time to find out. You just have to download their app and click on "offers" to sign up for this new subscription.

There are BK's all over the area....Lawrence, Hamilton, Pennington. Check out the online locator HERE.

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