Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Patch reports that the New Hope Pride Parade has been canceled for the second year in a row. Even though some pandemic restrictions have been lifted, a parade such as this one would bring a big crowd and would not be safe at this time. New Hope Celebrates who is in charge of the parade says that even though the parade is canceled, they still would like to do some events to support LGBT community in May and June. More details on the events that New Hope Celebrates is planning, check out their website.

It makes me sad to see that events are still being canceled because I feel like some of us are doing our best to get out of this pandemic. I know many many people who have been vaccinated and of course are still washing their hands, and keeping their distance from others. We are all doing what was asked of us, but we still have fun and exciting events canceled. It just sucks. I feel like we keep saying, "it'll get better" and "next year everything will be back to normal," but here we are a year later and events are still being canceled. Things are definitely better and we are able to do way more than we were allowed to do last year, but I just wanna enjoy parades and other large events again. Fingers crossed I won't be writing about this parade being canceled again next year.

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