Summer 2022 is just getting started and Atlantic City is trying its hardest to attract more families down their way.

The Showboat Hotel just opened a brand-new indoor go-kart racetrack on the old casino floor.

Lucky Snake is the name of the entertainment center that set up a sports bar and an arcade in the middle of the old Showboat casino floor.

The Showboat hasn’t seen gambling on their property since 2014. They closed their doors after Caesars Entertainment took over with no buyer to continue the upkeep.

Slew Of Casino Closures Threatens To Take Toll On Atlantic City
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It reopened in 2016 after a Philadelphia developer bought it out as a non-gaming hotel.

For years, the Showboat used the open “casino” floor as a convention center hosting events like New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, the Vegan Festival, and celebrity boxing matches hosting celebs like former LA Lakers star Lamar Odom and pop star Aaron Carter.

In 2021, Lucky Snake Arcade and Sports Bar moved in and took up more than half of the old casino floor inconveniencing the events that were taking place there.

Now, the rest of the floor is occupied by the go-kart track that, according to the employees, was all custom made in Italy.

Showboat go-kart racing (Photo: Rich Luongo)
Showboat go-kart racing (Photo: Rich Luongo)

The theme of the racetrack is “escaping Las Vegas” which is very interesting since Atlantic City is basically a mini-Vegas.

Showboat go-kart racing (Photo: Rich Luongo)
Showboat go-kart racing (Photo: Rich Luongo)

The Showboat recently broke ground for their new “Island Waterpark” which is a $100 million project and will be the “largest indoor waterpark in the world” according to the owner, Bart Blatstein.

ISLAND waterpark Showboat Atlantic City
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The convention events have been moved to the second floor that used to host the House of Blues and the French Quarter Buffet.

Word on the street (a.k.a. a game of telephone between management and promoters) is that the old French Quarter Buffet on the second floor is turning into a boxing ring which will be the second for the Showboat.

There’s also a rumor that the old bus depot under the parking garage will turn into a ballroom.

How true is this? I guess we’ll all find out together.

Casino Closings-Future

The Showboat is serious when trying to transform its property (and reputation) into a family-friendly atmosphere. It seems like it’s working so far.

Next up, the waterpark!

Inside ISLAND Waterpark, coming soon to Atlantic City

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