You know you made it in life when a well-known, male suit designer customizes a suite just for you. Not only did your own customized suit, but one with the logo of your store on it. The Wawa chairman, Dick Wood, got exactly what he probably never knew he needed, a Wawa suit jacket customized by Morroni Custom Clothing.

According to, Daniel Morroni Sr from Morroni Custom Clothing made sure to create the unique jacket for the chairman of Wawa because the convenience stores are a big staple in the city of Philadelphia.  Not only that, but they also shared that Morroni is "a Wawa guy." Well, let's be real who doesn't love Wawa.

The tuxedo is all black and the inner lining is patterned like the Wawa wrapper that you might recognize from your hoagies.

Morroni Custom Clothing has also created custom jackets for Mike Trout, Eagles legends, members of 6abc newscast, and other public figures.

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