If one thing is for sure, during the coronavirus pandemic a lot of Americans became closer with their pets than ever before. Being in quarantine with limited places to go, forced us to stay home with our animals more than usual. Quarantine was a very lonely time for a lot of people, especially those who live alone. In some cases, all some people had were there pets to keep them company every day. According to People Magazine68 percent of Americans said their dog is the only reason they’ve kept their sanity during the lockdown. 

Everyone has their preference when it comes to dogs or cats. But according to Fox News, the West Coast has been "cat country" and the East Coast has been "dog country." According to Fox News, both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are more likely to adopt a dog over a cat. This of course breaks my heart because I am in love with cats.

Adoption actually skyrocketed in 2020 specifically because of the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of people wanted a companion in their time of loneliness and sadness. According to Fox News, an estimated 750,000 animals were adopted from shelters in the U.S. since the beginning of the pandemic. 55 percent were cats, and 54 percent were dogs.

"Cats might be ahead of dogs in terms of adoption rates, but it’s dog owners who splash their cash for their pets, outspending cat owners by $514 a year," according to Porch. 


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