Today marks the first official day of Fall which in my world means bring on the pumpkin.

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There is so much to look forward to this season.


You have apple cider donuts, haunted attractions, apple picking, pumpkin picking and of course...HALLOWEEN!

And as much as I look forward to planning my costume out with friends every year, Halloween is mainly for the kids. about half for the kids and half for the adults?

Either way, a big part of Halloween is having kids trek out into the neighborhood going door to door asking for candy. (Man, I miss being a kid)

AlexRaths, Getty Images
AlexRaths, Getty Images

However, Halloween falls on a Monday this year which is a huge let down.

Kids are supposed to go to school, play their respective sports, participate in after school activities, do their homework and then still go trick-or-treating?

Not to mention, parents have to go to work and continue on with their responsibilities and even more so on a Monday. I imagine that adding a few hours of trick or treating onto their already full day is a lot.

I have a suggestion so that kids can enjoy this holiday every year before they get too old to go trick-or-treating.

Catherine Yeulet
Catherine Yeulet

What if we officially celebrate Halloween on the last Saturday or Sunday in the month of October?

Both kids and parents will benefit.

Parents can take the time to enjoy those precious younger years while their child is trick or treating.

Kids can enjoy the day without being limited by lack of daylight or tired parents.

Are you on board? Let me know either way by emailing me:

One more question: What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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