I'm sure you've heard of the internet sensation Grumpy Cat. I was very sad when Grumpy Cat passed away. He was adorable. According to The Patch, New Jersey has it's very own Grumpy Cat and he actually needs a home. His name is Mr. Marbles and he is available for adoption at the Halfway Home Animal Rescue in Oakland which is located in Bergen County. Mr. Marbles has a sad story, as he was found and most likely hit by a car. Mr. Marbles has a few deformities in his eyes which makes him look like he's got a scowl. They have nicknamed him Grumpy Cat and I think he's adorable. He's a perfectly healthy cat otherwise and looking for his forever home. See the Halfway Home Animal Rescue's website for more details on Mr. Marbles.

I always said if I would the lottery, I would open up an animal sanctuary. I would clear out animal shelters left and right and keep dogs and cats and other animals on acres of property. They would run and play and get tons of love. I would hire and pay lots of people who have a love for animals. Yes, I would definitely let them be adopted, but if they don't, they would be in a loving home and would live out their lives there. A girl can dream. We adopted our dog Stella from a North Jersey animal shelter and we try and support them as much as we can. They are amazing. It breaks my heart to know that some animals spend years in a shelter. Mr. Marbles deserves a home.


Almost Home Animal Shelter is Closing & their Animals Need Homes

The animal shelter in Pennsauken is closing it's doors and need to clear out their shelter. If you're looking to adopt a pet, consider these adorable dogs and cats from Almost Home Animal Shelter.


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