It’s always unfortunate when you awake from a dream where you are perched on a remote beach that just happens to be on your own personal island somewhere in the tropics.  Well, New Jersey has a current listing for a private island off its coast, but it may not be the island that dreams are made of.

Off on the bayside of The Wildwoods along the Jersey Shore, a private island hit the property market in the fall of 2019 for $200,000.  The 19-acre land is a half-mile from shore and unreachable by car – as most islands are. 

The property’s name says it all – No Man’s Island.

The land’s current owner, Omer Fahim from Queens describes it as “an impulse buy.”  One that he has used only a couple times for fishing since purchasing it back in 2017.  The previous owner stated that the property had been in their family for more than half a century.  They would use it for duck hunting, according to the real estate agent.

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