Has it ever crossed your mind that you really dislike one of your neighboring states or maybe just a random state in the USA?

Matt Shirley, who goes by @mattsurelee on Instagram, is known for creating a ton of charts about the most random topics. He recently made a chart that showed which states hate which states. NJ.com shared that Shirley didn't get that many responses from his followers but had enough to be able to make a chart that "isn’t exactly a scientific poll" but good enough.

The chart definitely made us laugh because it shows that some states are hated more than others. But, check this out, the state of New Jersey just hates the world. Well, not really the world, but according to his chart, New Jersey hates every other state in the country.

Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and Connecticut are the 3 states that really don't like New Jersey at all.

According to the chart made by @mattsurelee, New Jersey and Massachusetts are the second most hated state in the U.S.

The overall most hated state is California with 9 states disliking it. It makes no sense because almost everyone always wants to move there.

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