Getting dad a gift for Father’s Day is probably the toughest thing to do. It's happened before when we forget to get dad a Father’s Day gift and if it does happen this year just say, “Hey dad, I didn't get you a gift but just know that you live in one of the best states for working dads" ... Well, that's if you live in New Jersey. recently collected a bunch of data from all of the states across the country to figure out which states are the best states for working dads. When it came out it showed that the Garden State was the 5th best state for dads.

Even though things have been tough this year on many people due to the coronavirus layoffs, the state of New Jersey is still considered one of the best based on Child Care, Work-Life Balance, Economic & Social Well-Being, and Health. According to the rankings on Wallet Hub, the Garden State lands in the 10th spot on most of the categories.

On Wallet Hub, it also showed that the state of New Jersey also took the 4th spot when it comes to "Highest Median Family Income." That was adjusted depending on the cost of living in each state.

It is great to know that even though the Garden State was one of the states with the highest coronavirus cases, it is still considered one of the top states for the hard-working dads.

As for Pennsylvania, it lands in the 23rd spot overall on the list of "2020’s Best & Worst States for Working Dads"

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