New Jersey is such a happy state. Seriously, we are not kidding it really is a happy state.

Would you agree or disagree?

According to, the Garden State is one of the happiest states and it ranks 3rd happiest in the country.

This list is a little interesting though. The reason we are saying this is an interesting list is because NiceRx made it known that the people that are happy in the state of New Jersey are the ones that have a salary over 6 figures.

We learned from NiceRx that every state was rated on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the happiest. New Jersey had an overall ranking of 8.25.

We happened to run into a Facebook post that shared the information showing that New Jersey was the third happiest state and Facebook users were not agreeing with the rating one bit.

Some Facebook users said in the comment section that it "would be more relevant to see median income and range of salaries used on this study." Others asked, "Is this for real," with a laughing emoji face.

We have to agree with that comment that said that they should use people with median salaries on that survey. If you are making a ton of money of course you are going to be happy.

But we also have to agree with the Facebook user that was a little more optimistic and said, "We have the ocean, the mountains, close to Philly, NYC, & Baltimore/Dc.” They also mentioned, "We have sarcasm and wit… and for now we still have four seasons." This Facebook user is pointing out solid reasons to be happy in the Garden State.

Pennsylvania takes the 28th spot on the list of happiest states in the country.

Here is another one you can try to answer. Are Americans happy? At the moment, it really doesn't seem like Americans are very happy with anything but NiceRx has the United States ranked as the 16th happiest country in the world.

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