Well this was definitely an unexpected mix up. According to People Magazine, a New Jersey man recently received $5,000 worth of custom-made hockey sticks. The gear was supposed to be shipped to NHL Washington Capitals player Zdeno Chára but lost its way during delivery.

What would you do if custom sticks were delivered to your doorstep? According to People, when Ben-Abraham received the package he was shocked and confused so he did what most of us would do… post pictures of the package to Twitter. Luckily, the maker of the hockey sticks, TRUE Hockey, saw the post and reached out to him.

The marketing manager of TRUE Hockey has no idea how this happened. "This is not something I thought I'd be dealing with," said Corey Gregory to ESPN. "We aren't sure how it happened. Somehow they ended up at this young man's house."

FedEX, who was handling the delivery, notified Gregory that their tracking system showed the package in a different location. Apparently, the FedEX system shared that the package was in Memphis instead of being in New Jersey, according to the Athletic.

Luckily for TRUE Hockey and Zdeno Chára, the sticks fell into the right hands. The New Jersey man is doing the right thing and planning to give the hockey gear back. Gregory told ESPN that the company expects to get the sticks from Ben-Abraham when the Capitals are in New York City this week.


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