The NHL mascot that everyone loves to talk about is getting into the Holiday Spirit! Gritty has now become Gritty Claus and is even giving out special gifts this hockey season!

Ever since Gritty came onto the mascot scene, he's gotten a lot of criticism. Many think he is a very scary looking mascot, so will the Philadelphia Flyers set up a 'Pictures with Gritty Claus' station? Or maybe too many kids will cry when they see his big eyes? I mean, sure he's got big eyes and very orange hair, but deep down, Gritty has feelings too!


Gritty is also a giver! This year, the Flyers announced that this year's Santa Sacks will contain a special present from Gritty Claus! I wonder what it will be!


I've got one thing to say to Gritty and that is, "haters are gonna hate!" You keep doing you Gritty!

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