There’s a new local celeb in the state and he’s officially on an 8-game-winning streak! A New Jersey native has been making waves on the gameshow, Jeopardy, and everyone in the garden state is rooting for him to make history!

On tonight’s episode of Jeopardy, Cris Pannullo who lives in Ocean City, New Jersey, officially won his 8th game in a row. Last night, he left the game with a total of $221,901, according to

This is so impressive to me! If I ever turn on Jeopardy, I know about 1 MAYBE 2 answers at the most, so Cris is for sure making his home state proud!

People are hoping he keeps going and makes records like former winners, James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings. Kem Jennings, who is also now the host, is the all-time record holder winner for the gameshow for winning a total of 74 consecutive games. In his time on the show, Ken Jennings also won a total of $2,520,700.

Can you imagine having that kind of money? The amount of knowledge you need to absorb just to survive one episode of this show is intimidating, so Cris Pannulo is making New Jersey extra proud for hanging in there this long!


Also, wrote that Cris Pannulo’s win streak has officially secured him a spot in the “Jeopardy! 2023 Tournament of Champions” which will take place next year.

New episodes of Jeopardy! air every weekday night, so make sure to tune in and cheer on this Jersey native to victory!

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