The early 1970's was a big time in the history of Atlantic City. People were on the move, things were happening, and Atlantic City was the center of a lot of it.

At least the people of Atlantic City thought so.

The early 1970s Atlantic City is the setting for a rather unique story written by a new local author.

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Mike O'Malley has spent a career as a nationwide radio programming consultant, but his memories of spending summers in Atlantic City are still vivid in his mind. O'Malley has used those memories to help lay out the setting for his new book, "Last But Not Fleeced."

The book is described as a "humorous paranormal mystery."

You don't hear that every day, do you?

I'm worked my way through most of the book, and it is fascinating. O'Malley does a great job in using his words to paint us right into 1972 Atlantic City. From the way the characters talk to his descriptions of the people and the places, you feel as though you're on the Boardwalk in those pre-casino days.

Throughout the book, Atlantic City veterans will be able to recognize famous and infamous places in the city. The names may have been changed for the book, but, again, they are very recognizable.

If you're a fan of "old Atlantic City", you'll be brought in and entertained by this story!

According to O'Malley, this is just one book in a series, all revolving around the people and places of Atlantic City. I can't wait to keep reading!

Right now "Last But Not Fleeced" is available online via

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