Do you remember what it's like to go to a bar or a club? I completely forgot what that is like to be honest. Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic, but it does feel like forever since I was last at a bar having random drunk conversations with friends and strangers. How about the gym do you miss going to the gym or were you happy you didn't have to go workout during quarantine?

Well, there is a survey created by American Addiction Centers that shared what every state in the United State of America misses more. The name of the study is "Bars vs Gyms: What Do Americans Miss More in 2020?"

In the survey shared by American Addiction Centers, it was mentioned that New Jerseyans miss bars more than gyms. Can you blame them? I know I can't. I want to be at a bar with no restrictions again. 53% of New Jersey residents said that they miss bars while 47% said that they miss gyms.

As for Pennsylvania residents, they were the opposite. 52% of Pennsylvanians are missing the gym more than the bar scene.

Both states are pretty balanced but I guess we can say that New Jersey likes to party a little more than Pennsylvanians if that's the case.

According to American Addiction Centers, "59% of Americans have spent a lot more money on alcohol than exercise equipment." I will say that I am probably a part of that 59%. We also learned that 1 in 3 Americans are not about the gym life anymore and "are reconsidering their gym membership.”

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