As of last week, New Jersey became one of a few states in the nation to restore voting rights to over 80,000 felons. Last Wednesday, Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill that will allow people who are on probation or parole the right to exercise the 15th amendment.

Starting in March of 2020, Murphy says these people will  be able to “once again walk into a voting booth and have a say in our democracy.”

This act of change is an attempt to help people living in the New Jersey area have a better future. “There are residents who are living as full participants in their communities and yet have been needlessly prevented from having a voice in the future direction of their communities,” Murphy said.

Not only that, Murphy also signed a signed a new legislation that allows residents that have low-level drug and nonviolent offenses to have their records removed. However, this is only as long as they don't commit another offense for the next 10 years.