Parents are always looking to have the best education for their kids. I don't even have kids but I am already thinking about where the best schools are for my future kids. Just for your information, and maybe to ease your mind a little, if your kids are a part of the New Jersey school system you should know that Jersey has one of the best school systems in the country.

Wallets Hub recently ranked the school systems across the country and the state of New Jersey ranked number 3 overall. We learned that Wallet Hub ranked all 50 states plus Washington DC by comparing them all across 33 metrics.

The New Jersey school system was also ranked as the 3rd best when it comes to education quality. Knowing these things is great because it makes you feel a lot better knowing that your kids will have a great education. As for safety, the Garden State didn't land in one of the best spots but it is not one of the worse either. New Jersey took the 15th spot for safety.

Wallet Hub also mentioned that the Garden State ranked 2nd for the lowest dropout rate. That is great. New Jersey landed 3rd on Highest Math Test Scores, 2nd for Highest Reading Score, and tied in the 4th spot for highest ACT scores.

As for Pennsylvania, it is pretty much dead smack in the middle in the overall ranking, taking the 24th spot.

At least we all know that our states have a good school system and are not the worst like Louisiana (50) and New Mexico (51).

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