In the past few years, New Jersey students have done significantly better on their state-issued exams, but in turn a majority of them cannot pass the math portion that was introduced four years ago. According to statewide results, less than 50 percent of students scored around the targeted grade on eight of the nine PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) exams. The highest pass rate on the exams, which included Math and English, came in around 62.7 percent.

Gov. Phil Murphy looks to eliminate four PARCC exams and possibly replace them due to such few students passing the assessments, which is one of the reasons that makes these exams so controversial. In result, tens of thousands of students have skipped these exams in previous years.

Murphy wants to transition away from these tests in the coming school year and will take on a new version of it for the next couple of school years.

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