One thing that has gotten crazy ever since technology advancement has increased over the past couple decades has been privacy issues. Individuals are constantly being recorded on phone calls, phones listening to people’s conversations and in turn creating pop up ads about that specific product, and now this: surveillance cameras being put into women’s bathrooms.

Former contractor, Gregory Mahley of West Deptford, was charged on seven accounts of second degree and third degree endangering the welfare of a child and eight counts of invasion of privacy, according to When the Glen Dale Middle School needed repairs on their HVAC system they called Mahley’s former place of work for eight years, Multi-Temp Mechanical Inc. in Westville for their needs.

Before the additional charges of endangering the welfare of children and invasion of privacy, Mahley was originally charged with only one count of each. Detectives held an investigation to find the tablet that kept all of the videos of the minors. While holding this, police found videos of six more female students and one adult, which led to the other charges.

It is said by local police and that the contractor, “installed mirrors onto the back of bathroom stall doors that allowed him to secretly record girls using the restroom through an air conditioning vent.”

Superintendent John Bilodeau told NJ Advance Media last week that he was extremely disturbed to find charges against the contractor that they trusted to hire. The police looked at all other facilities and schools Mahley had access to try and stop other accounts, although none have been made.


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