We are one step closer to a greener planet! There are seventeen towns in New Jersey that have banned plastic bags and other plastic items that are bad for the environment. Most of them are down the shore, one of which I got married in, which makes perfect sense because we need to keep those plastic bags out of the ocean. However, a town right in our area has jumped on board as well.

Lambertville, NJ passed a ban on plastic bags after Governor Phil Murphy shot down a statewide bag fee proposal back in September. As a town, Lambertville no longer allows single-use plastic bags, polystyrene foam containers and plastic straws. As of now, this is voluntary for businesses in Lambertville, but on January 1st 2020, it will be mandatory!

Towns in the state are fed up that proposals to ban plastic bags, straws and other plastic items that are bad for the environment, have not been touched since September. Which is why these seventeen towns have taken matters into their own hands! I am all for this and so happy I live in a state that cares so much about the environment.

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