Thanks to the individuals that litter and dirty the ocean with plastic, everyone in New Jersey is now paying for it. Earlier this year Governor Phil Murphy didn't think 5 cents was enough for each plastic and paper disposable bag. For this reason, he  requested the measures be a little more strict.

Whole Foods Bans Plastic Bags In All Of Its Stores
Credit: David McNew

The goal with this law is to keep New Jersey beaches clean since most of the litter found is plastic. This would not only get rid of plastic and paper disposable bags, but also plastic straws and foam food containers in all of New Jersey. But what if you still want to get a bag every time you go grocery shopping? If the business you are shopping at is over 1,000 square feet you will have to pay 10 cents a bag. A little pricey if you ask us.

Don't think businesses will cut you slack and do it without a charge because that is more than likely not going to happen. First offense is $500, second $1000 and from there on it will be $5000 for each offense. So think about it, do you really believe a business will risk that? Not at all! Looks like you’re just going to have to pay up for the plastic bag!

Just so you know New Jersey will have the strictest laws in the nation when it comes to plastic bags and straws.

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