, an online bulk candy store that features a blog on it's website says that consumers could spend over $2 billion on holiday candy this year.  That's a lot of candy, but which type rules the season?  Well, that depends on where you live. surveyed over 30,000 Americans to find out the most popular Christmas candy in each state and the results varied.  In New Jersey, the 3 most popular candies were...

#3 --- Skittles

#2 --- Pez

And #1 --  Reese's Cup Minis

Personally, I would have gone with Reese's Trees, but I'm okay with the minis.  Reese's Cup Minis was also the favorite in Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, and Oregon.

Credit: Kris Connor/Getty Images

Pennsylvanian's favorite candy was the holiday classic, Candy Canes, which was also voted #1 in seven other states, including Delaware.

Other favorites include M&M's (#1 in six states), Peppermint Bark (#1 in five states), and Christmas Corn (also #1 in five states).  Christmas Corn is a knockoff of Candy Corn, but rather than being orange, white and yellow, the Christmas version is red, white and green.

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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