I know you love Halo Top, it's got like a cult following, but, what if I told you you could get just about the same stuff, for cheaper?  Score!  Saw on Popsugar that Aldi grocery store (which are started to pop up all over our area, there's a new one in East Windsor) is ready to battle with Halo Top for your low cal lover business!  Their Sundae Shoppe pints come in 3 flavors...Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Mint chip, and similar to Halp Top, they have between 20 and 24 grams of protein, and less than 300 calories. But, different from Halo Top is the price....Aldi's low cal treat is only $3! I'm always looking to save a few bucks (and calories) where I can! I'm onboard!

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