It just never fails that the places that are pretty much a ”hole in the wall” have the best food. In an article published by USA Today it was shared that Uncle Mike's in Warminster, PA is taking a top spot for the best ice cream in the whole country. That's impressive!

Credit: Gerald S., Yelp User

USA Today found the best ice cream spot across the country by going through Yelp reviews. We decided to check out for ourselves what the Yelp reviews for Uncle Mike's look like. It seems like a place that we have been missing out on for a long time.

Uncle Mike's holds a solid 5 star Yelp review. Here are some them.

Rani - Philadelphia - "What can I say about an ice cream shop that's open year round with FABULOUS ice cream?  Just visit.  It's ice cream.  It's REAL ice cream. It's REALLY GOOD real ice cream.  OK, enough with the CAPSLOCK, but I can't help it."

Amy - Warminster - "Definitely the BEST ice cream I have ever had. Super clean and great staff. All the flavors are AMAZING!"

Courtney - Warrington - "I especially love that it was open in the winter until 9pm! It made for a great week night spot for my friends to eat some ice cream and catch up."

Credit: Janice R., Yelp User

Being open during the cold season is for sure a plus. Ice cream tastes amazing all year round. I guess we should give it a shot and see if we agree with USA Today.