It's back, and it's even bigger and better. Norman's Hallmark (formerly Diana's Hallmark) has reopened in Hamilton Plaza, according to Facebook.

The announcement was greeted with comments from residents who are so happy to see the store come back. It's only a few doors down from where it was when it was Diana's Hallmark, near the Dollar Tree. If you're familiar with the shopping center on Route 33, it's where the clothing store, Rainbow Shop, was, near the old A.C. Moore. I still haven't heard what's going in the old A.C. Moore, have you?  Right now, Spirit of Halloween is in there, but, I hate seeing it vacant. I hate seeing so many other stores empty in the area. A sad sign of the times.

Reading the comments from the Facebook post revealed the new Norman's store is bigger, making it easier to display all their cute stuff. When I called the store, the lovely associate told me it's about double the size of the old space. I asked her if they have any holiday stuff out yet, and she said yes. So, if you're looking to get a head start on your holiday shopping, stop by. Don't hate me, but, I'm totally in the mood for holiday stuff already. PS. They're hiring right now too, if you're looking for a job.

Just a heads up, they don't have a lottery machine in this new location. Darn. I used to get my dad Quick Picks and scratch off tickets there, oh well, that's not going to keep me away. You can get lottery tickets in the Shop Rite next door.

The Hamilton Plaza is at 1275 Route 33 in Hamilton Township.

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