It's a solid boss move to start a new business during a pandemic and that is exactly what some Philadelphia business owners are trying to do. recently stated that FCM Hospitality is getting a new outdoor Mexican restaurant.

Let's be real, during these hot summer days an outdoor restaurant with some tacos and beers sounds good at any time.

According to, Juno is the name of the new restaurant that is opening in the Philadelphia area that will give everyone a time to get away from the house and chill outdoors. If you are a fan of the spot Morgan’s Pier you will like Juno because mentioned that the Mexican American restaurant would give you the MP vibes.

We learned from that Juno will be located where the old Llama Tooth was, which is on the opposite side of the show venue Union Transfer. The exact address for the outdoor restaurant will be 1033 Spring Garden Street.

I’ll be real with you, one of the things that caught my eye the most was the colorful set up at Juno in the image shared on also mentioned that the Juno restaurant’s set up will have you feeling some good vibes with all of the trees around you.

Don’t expect any exotic food or drinks because according to when it comes to the Mexican food everything will be “pretty standard.”

It is never a bad time for some Mexican food so this can possibly be a cool new option.

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