From pizza, to seafood, to...? One restaurant in Blackwood, New Jersey is about to start serving another kind of cuisine. 

For a long time, the space at 1661 Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township belonged to Big Cheez Pizzeria and Ristorante.

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Then, last year, the restaurant morphed from a pizzeria to a seafood joint called Keep It Shrimple.

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Google Maps

But, poor Shrimple didn't last long, and for the past couple months, the building has been vacant and home to no eatery.

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Something entirely new, however, appears to be on the horizon.

According to, a former employee of two popular Philadelphia restaurants, El Vez and Cuba Libre, is opening Orale Tacos as early as September.

hard shell tacos

The Mexican restaurant is co-owned by Chef George Reyes, who reportedly shared with 42 Freeway that everything on Orale's menu will be made from scratch, including its tortillas.

Mexican is probably my top favorite cuisine, so if there's a new place in South Jersey serving up homemade tacos, I'm down.

Orale Tacos is reportedly hiring, according to their official Facebook page, and could be serving hungry customers shortly after Labor Day Weekend. We'll keep you posted!

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