Are the majority of people in New Jersey unhappy to be living here? A new poll would suggest that's exactly the sentiment.

Research conducted by Monmouth University reportedly found that 59 percent of New Jersey residents desire to move out of the state at some point, according to

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I literally just ran into an acquaintance over the weekend who informed me that he and his wife were days away from moving to St. Louis, Missouri because they're so unhappy with NJ property taxes, car insurance prices, and the state's overall cost of living.


Clearly, he and his wife were in the 59% majority. My friend's reasons for wanting to blow off New Jersey are among the key factors found in the new research.

The 59 percent is reportedly the highest number of dissatisfied New Jersey residents the Monmouth U poll has ever found, reports.

But that statistic is mystifying, even to the Monmouth University Polling Institute because their survey also found that 2 in 3 New Jersey residents actually feel the Garden State is an 'excellent' or 'good' place to live.

Also interesting is Monmouth U's finding that it's mostly residents 35 and under, not those close to retirement age, that want out of NJ.

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Politics also appear to have an effect on residents' decision to keep roots here or plant them elsewhere. The poll also reportedly found that more Republicans than Democrats are likely to want to leave the state, according to

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Do YOU like living in New Jersey? Are you contemplating leaving? Let us know. You can explore more statistics from the Monmouth University Quality of Life Poll here.

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