Do you believe New Jersey is a happy state? I think so.

The whole “people in New Jersey are rude” stigma is all fake. People always try to make it seem like they are rude out here on the East Coast and that is a lie.

Here is a way to prove it.

Wallet Hub recently made a list of the happiest states in the country and New Jersey is considered one of them. If you think about it, there is no way to be rude and happy at the same time. Happy people are always nice.

New Jersey takes the 9th spot overall as one of the happiest states in the whole country.

For the study to find the happiest states in the country Wallet Hub searched for people's "overall well-being and satisfaction with life."

As a matter of fact, in the category of "Emotional & Physical Well-Being", the state of New Jersey took the number one spot. New Jerseyans are very satisfied emotionally.

The fact that New Jersey has the 3rd lowest divorce rate may help the fact that New Jersey residents are very happy emotionally.

When it comes to the working environments, residents of the state of New Jersey aren't too happy. In the "Work Environment" category New Jersey takes the 39th spot. Not the worst but definitely nowhere near the best.

Community & Environment is one thing that brings everyone in the state together and the Garden State isn't the best there either. New Jersey takes the 22nd spot. That is in the middle so I think we can work with that.

In case you were wondering, Pennsylvania is right in the middle in the 24th spot overall on the list of "2021's Happiest States in America."

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